10 Recommendations for Successful Job Searching

Job searches can be intimidating if you don’t have the right set of tools and guidelines to help you. Checkout this list of ten recommendations for a better job search to help you in finding the perfect role.

1. Have an ATS Compliant Resume

Recruiters and hiring managers utilize Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to collect, sort, scan and even rank applicants during the hiring process. Much of this process is based on key word searches within a resume. When applying to a position ensure that the skills necessary for the position are accurately represented on your resume so that you will rank hire during this initial process.

2. Learn to Network

Networking is a critical aspect in finding potential employment. Having a large network of people to turn to for opportunities or recommendations makes the job search process that much easier. You never know when an opportunity may become available and its best to present yourself in a professional manner to be ready to seize opportunities when given the chance.

3. Be Employer Oriented not Needs Oriented

Although it would be nice to have a job that worked around your exact schedule and met all your needs this usually isn’t the case. Employers are looking for candidates that can adapt to situations and offer value to the company based on their skill set. It is best to land a job and work around the job rather than trying to find a job that will work with you.

4. Quality over Quantity

Sending out resumes in mass quantities may seem like a good way to land a position, but if you don’t have a quality resume employers aren’t going to give you a shot. It is important to develop a quality resume before sending it out.

5. Enthusiasm>Skills

Having a quality skill set that is pertinent to the position is a great way to get in the door for an interview, but interviewers are looking for candidates that are enthusiastic about the new position and opportunity. An employer is more likely to hire someone that is excited about the job and easy to work/communicate with rather than someone who is highly skilled but may be difficult in other areas of business.

6. Consistent Job Search is Insurance for Future Success

Consistently updating your knowledge of the job market and being ready to quickly apply to jobs you want ensures success for the future. It is better to be searching for a job while you still have one instead of when you’re out of work.

7. Invaluable Assets Can’t be Dismissed

Making yourself a valuable asset at the workplace ensures you son’t be dismissed when cuts need to be made. Whether it’s your consistent rate of success, your ability to fix office supplies, or picking up lunch for team members, you are more likely to be kept on if you demonstrate value.

8. Information is Power

Before applying to a job or getting an interview always research the job market and company you are applying to so you are prepared for the interview process and can ask questions of your own. This also allows you to fit key words into your resume that are specific to the indsutry.

9. Never Stop Learning

Always continue to be seeking knowledge when it comes to the job market and gaining skills. The more you know, the more of an asset you will be.

10. Credentials

Throughout your life and career you should be looking to pick up credentials as much as you can. Whether its certifications, licensures, classes or anything else, the more credentials you have, the more opportunity there will be.

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Top 6 Biggest Mistakes You Are Making In Your Job Search

The Top 6 Job Search Myths

If you’re looking for job search assistance online, there’s no doubt you’ve read numerous conflicting articles pointing you in all sorts of different directions. Many online sources claim to have the “secret” that will help you land your dream job immediately. However, many of these secrets will only lead you into dead ends. Additionally, you have probably heard a lot of advice from your friends and families regarding how to conduct a job search. But what may have worked for one person will not necessarily work for everyone. In this article we will dispel the most common job search myths.

top five job search myths

1.) The Hidden Job Market

Ever been told that 90% of open positions go unadvertised? If that were the case, then how would they be getting filled? While it is true that some positions are never advertised publicly, the vast majority are indeed posted online, in newspapers and through other mediums. The “hidden job market” often refers to internal hiring practices. Oftentimes, these are not necessarily open positions, but rather new positions created solely for specific individuals. Besides, if so many of these job postings were hidden and out of reach, what would be the point in looking for them? Companies that are looking to hire top talent will advertise open positions in my different places in order to cast a wide net.

2.) You Need Experience to Get a Job

Do you ever feel intimidated with job postings requiring 3 to 5 years minimum experience in a specific field? Many job seekers, particularly new graduates, find themselves in the catch-22 where they cannot get an entry-level position because they do not have the required experience, and they cannot get the required experience because they are not qualified for entry-level positions. Don’t let these job requirements intimidate you. When hiring managers and HR personnel are writing job postings, they often write them based upon the individual who vacated the position they are trying to fill. However, no one comes into any job with 100% of the necessary experience. Don’t let experience requirements prevent you from applying to a position. First and foremost, employers are looking for someone ready to learn. If you can display that ability, you should have no problem landing an entry-level position. Remind yourself, everyone has to start somewhere.

3.) If I Leave My Job, I’ll Look Like a Job Hopper

In prior decades, it used to common for you to work for the same company your entire life. Oftentimes, it was the same company that your father worked for his entire life, and perhaps his father as well. However, as the economy becomes more and more dynamic, this trend no longer holds true. Many people are reluctant to look for something new because they believe they will be labeled as a job hopper — someone who keeps jumping from job to job without ever settling down. While this will look bad to your future employer if you can’t even hold down a single job for more than a few months, don’t be afraid to look for new opportunities after you have put in a few years in at your current company. Studies show that individuals who switch companies often end up with greater compensation in the long run than those individuals who remain with the same company. Additionally, the longer you stay with your current company, the more difficult it can be to switch. Today’s employers want to see a candidate that is adaptable, can thrive in difficult situations, is up to new challenges, and always looking to learn something new. Bringing diverse experience in numerous roles across different industries will help demonstrate these qualities.

4.) I Should Only Apply to Jobs I Really Want

While there is nothing wrong with a targeted job search, don’t be afraid to cast a large net. Too often job seekers apply only to specific companies or positions. However, this will severely limit the impact of your search. You may find yourself eventually landing your dream job, only to realize that you hate the company culture or that your responsibilities don’t match up with what you saw on the initial posting. Many of my clients have found themselves with wonderful jobs in roles that they never would have ever imagined doing just a few years back. You never know what might surprise you. Plus, casting a wide net will lead to more interviews. Even if you don’t think you actually want the job, I recommend going to the interview anyway. Not only will it give you interview practice, but you will also gain a better sense of what employers are looking for in candidates.

5.) It’s Best to be the Last Person Interviewed

The logic for this argument is, if you interview last, then you will remain fresh on the hiring manager’s mind, and they will be more likely to consider you over the person they interviewed weeks later. However, how will you ever be able to tell when is the best time to interview? Companies often leave job postings up long after they have already made up their minds. Once they find the right candidate who has accepted their offer, they stop interviewing all together. Why would they bother wasting their time on people they are never going to consider? When you see a job posting that interests you, apply right away. The more time you spend waiting, the more opportunities you are giving to other candidates.

6.) You Can Write Your Own Resume

If you change your own oil, can make a pair of shoes or cut your own hair, you may stop reading here. Resume writers have experience preparing effective presentations for thousands of people. A job seeker may write a resume every 3 to 5 years and during that time the rules can be completely change. Think about your annual salary. Writing a your own resume is like walking into a casino and putting your annual salary on the roulette wheel. With a resume writer, your up front risk is only the cost of the resume. Choose a resume writer with a long history of success and you will literally gain access to a wealth of knowledge that would be impractical to obtain on your own.

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