How to Land a Job at a Tech Company With No Tech Experience

You don’t have to be a tech genius to work for Apple, Amazon or Google. You just need to have marketable skills and a desire to work for the best.

How to Work at a Tech Company Without Tech Experience

Working for a big tech company has a lot of advantages. You will feel a bigger sense of job security, there might be better health insurance and the company may offer benefits unavailable at most other companies. A lot of people, you included, would be lucky to land a job at one of these companies.

There’s just one problem: you don’t have any tech experience.

Fear not! Even without tech experience you could still land a great job at a tech company. You just have to know where to start!

Find the right company

Even during the pandemic, lots of tech companies are hiring in droves. Amazon alone is looking for about 100,000 workers for their delivery and distribution centers.

Do yourself a favor and find a suitable job search site so you can start looking for a solid job at a tech company! You can also do the research by going directly to the main site for jobs for specific companies.

Find a job with them that you ARE qualified to do

Even though they are tech companies, not all the jobs at a tech company are in the tech industry. All companies need help with marketing, clerical work and general staff. Companies like Amazon need help with distribution, logistics, and analytics.

According to an article from, about a quarter of all jobs at job Microsoft and Intel are NOT tech-related.

Find a job with one of these companies that you are qualified to do, and start applying!

If you aren’t qualified, get qualified!

Okay, so going back to school is not for everyone. However, you need getting a certification to qualify for a job may be easier than you think!

Find out what you need to learn and check out GetCertified to learn more how to get certified in everything you need!

Also, there’s a chance that you already have the experience necessary for your resume, but you don’t know it!

Stand out with the best possible resume!

There are jobs out there that would be lucky to have you; you just need to put your best foot forward, and that starts with a great-looking resume. If you need help crafting your resume or cover letter, we can help! Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume-writing professional!

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