Job Tips For the Class of 2020

Get ready grads. This will be a challenge. Here are the rules to follow. Learn them well and you will get your reward – a new job.

Job search tips for the class of 2020

Grads’ Guide to Finding a Job

Congratulations! If you are reading this then you probably just graduated in one of the weirdest climates in modern history.

Also during this time, you’ve probably gotten hundreds of emails, seen dozens of social media posts and heard loads of people say that these are “uncertain times.”

Well… yeah, these are uncertain times.

It’s too soon to guess what some of the prolonged effects of the pandemic will be, and it’s hard to determine when everything will get back to normal. As you plan for the future and your career, this uncertainty can weigh heavily on your mind. Allow us to put some of those fears at ease.

Sure, nobody quite knows what the future will hold, but if you follow these tips you can rest assured that you will be prepared for anything.

1. If You Can, Get on Unemployment Soon

If you are out of work, consider filing for unemployment if you can. First off, getting on unemployment can be an arduous and a time-consuming tasks, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will start collecting.

It’s hard to say when you will land your dream job, so make sure that you are financially safe and sound in the meantime.

2. Hire a Professional Resume Writer

To be frank, many employers won’t even see your resume if you don’t have it professionally done. Many companies use software that filters out resumes that lack the qualifications and keywords they are looking to see, and will even filter out poorly formatted resumes. Professional resume writers know this which is why they make sure that the resumes they build will get through the filter and into the hands of an employer.

If you want to speak with a professional resume writer, talk to us for a free consultation! Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume-writing professional! All services can be rendered virtually with no in-office meetings.

3. Network Your Butt Off

Even though you are no longer a college student, you are still part of an illustrious network of alumni. Connect with some of your former classmates, professors and faculty advisors on LinkedIn. Once you’ve built a solid following of connections, search through their connections for people that you would love to work with or work for one day. From there, ask your friend if they’d be willing to make an introduction for you.

That’s right, you’re networking with industry professionals all from the safety of your laptop/smartphone.

If you have an industry professional whose brain you’d love to pick, consider scheduling an informational interview with them! Informational interviews are great way to get expert job advice, and build a lifelong connection with an industry professional!

While on LinkedIn, share articles, comment on your connections’ posts and apply for jobs!

4. Prepare For the Virtual World

Although the pandemic has put many things on hiatus, the job world still continues to spin. In order to keep work flowing while maintaining social distancing, many companies are conducting their work virtually, and have no plans of changing this in the future. With that being said, you need to prepare to conduct job interviews virtually, and to work from home effectively.

For virtual interviews, you still need to dress up nice, and you need to prepare a professional backdrop for your interview. You don’t want the interviewer to see a bunch of Pink Floyd posters in your background or your dad walking around in his undies in the background.

5. Remember, Looking For a Job is a Full-Time Job

If you want to land your dream job, you need to treat your job search like a 40+-hour per week job. You need to use your creativity and your proactivity to look for work. This means reading articles about your industry, talking with career professionals, growing as a professional and, of course, actually applying for jobs.

Be creative with how you apply and hunt for jobs to help you stand out above the competition. Make sure you broaden your horizons so that you are allowing yourself to find all of the jobs you are capable of performing.

6. Stay Positive

It is so easy to fall into the pit of despair while looking for a job. Remember, you’re not going to get an offer from every job you apply to. Heck, you might not even hear back from every job. However, you WILL eventually find a job that you will be proud to have.

Keep your chin up, and keep moving forward.

How to Deal With a Personal Conflict at Work

The workplace is not place for a bully. Here are some suggestions for dealing with workplace abuse.

How to Handle a Problematic Co-worker

At some point in your life, you have probably dealt with a bully. Unfortunately, the bullies we face in life sometimes go beyond the playground as they make their way into our professional lives.

Problematic coworkers can pester us for several reasons. They can be verbally abusive, they can obstruct our workflow, they can sexually harass us and they can physically harm us.

What is important is how we face this issue. The last thing you want to do is make the situation worse, so make sure you follow these steps to help make your work environment less toxic.

1. Stay Calm

If you have an office bully, your first thought might be to act rashly. If you fight back by giving them a taste of their own medicine, the repercussions can be catastrophic. You don’t want to lose your job or worse because you were defending yourself from a bully.

Take a deep breath, collect yourself, and move forward with the following steps.

2. Keep a Paper Trail of What is Happening

If things get to a point where the two of you are sitting in your boss’s office discussing what happened, you don’t want it to turn into a “he said, she said.”

Keep a paper trail of the abusive behavior. This means keep screenshots of messages, emails, and audio recordings of conversations if you have them.

If you can show that what they said was a pattern of abusive behavior rather than a one-time lapse in judgment, your supervisor will be more inclined to do more to remedy the situation.

Even if things don’t get to the point where you need to talk to your supervisor, you will want to keep this paper trail in case problems arise with this coworker once again.

3. Speak With a Coworker That You Trust

If there is another coworker that is close to the situation and that you trust, it is important that they are an ally in this situation. Confide with them about what happened. There is a chance that they have also experienced this behavior from the coworker in question and are willing to come with you to talk to your supervisor.

4. Speak With The Person in Question

Before you confront the supervisor with this issue, you should first talk it out with the bully in question.

There is always a chance that this was a misunderstanding that can be settled with an apology and a handshake. Tell them what they did that upset you and how it upset you.

Please note that if this person has been abusive toward you, you should go directly to your supervisor rather than trying to talk it out with them.

5. Speak With Your Supervisor if Things Are Beyond Your Control

Situations with workplace bullies fall into two groups: situations that require intervention from your supervisor, and situations that don’t.

You should talk with your supervisor about the problematic coworker if their behavior is abusive, dangerous, disrupts workflow or if you tried to handle it with the person in question privately, but the problem persists.

Your supervisor will appreciate you trying to handle the matter yourself, but they also want you to come to them if there is a problem that requires their intervention.

6. What to Do if The Person in Question is Your Supervisor

Sometimes the workplace bully is your boss. With that come several other fears such as losing your job or being chastised by the entire office. However, this same step-by-step plan still works even for supervisors, but with one exception.

If you speak with your supervisor, but the problem persists, then you should talk to your boss’s boss. Yes, more than likely your boss has a boss. Your supervisor more than likely has a supervisor the looks over their district. Do some research to find out who they report to, and come to them with the issue.

If you are struggling to find out where to start, here are ways to file a formal complaint.

For example, when I was 16 I had a problematic boss. He was verbally abusive, his behavior kept me from doing my job, and his negative behavior affected the entire business.

After speaking with several other employees who had issues with the person in question, we took the issue to the CEO of the company who terminated our supervisor. It turns out that the CEO was well aware of the supervisor’s behavior, and our collective testimony was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Sure, reporting your supervisor might seem daunting, but the worst thing that can happen is that you end up leaving a job at a company where you were harassed and abused. Although not optimal, it is still better than continuing to work alongside a bully.

What if Someone Accuses Me of Being a Bully?

If you are accused of being an office bully, your first reaction might be to respond with anger.

Don’t do that.

Getting mad and retaliating is an almost definite way to get yourself fired or at least penalized in some way.

Listen to why you have been accused of being a bully, and think back on the instance(s) with a different perspective. Ask yourself if you could see why that behavior could be considered toxic or hurtful. Talk about the problem with the person in question and try to constructively forge a new work environment with them.

Remember, this could all be a misunderstanding, and you can shake hands and walk away. If you were in the wrong, this is an opportunity to grow as a worker and as a person. If you were in the wrong, apologize and thank them for bringing this to your attention after assuring that you won’t behave like that again.

How to Land a Job at a Tech Company With No Tech Experience

You don’t have to be a tech genius to work for Apple, Amazon or Google. You just need to have marketable skills and a desire to work for the best.

How to Work at a Tech Company Without Tech Experience

Working for a big tech company has a lot of advantages. You will feel a bigger sense of job security, there might be better health insurance and the company may offer benefits unavailable at most other companies. A lot of people, you included, would be lucky to land a job at one of these companies.

There’s just one problem: you don’t have any tech experience.

Fear not! Even without tech experience you could still land a great job at a tech company. You just have to know where to start!

Find the right company

Even during the pandemic, lots of tech companies are hiring in droves. Amazon alone is looking for about 100,000 workers for their delivery and distribution centers.

Do yourself a favor and find a suitable job search site so you can start looking for a solid job at a tech company! You can also do the research by going directly to the main site for jobs for specific companies.

Find a job with them that you ARE qualified to do

Even though they are tech companies, not all the jobs at a tech company are in the tech industry. All companies need help with marketing, clerical work and general staff. Companies like Amazon need help with distribution, logistics, and analytics.

According to an article from, about a quarter of all jobs at job Microsoft and Intel are NOT tech-related.

Find a job with one of these companies that you are qualified to do, and start applying!

If you aren’t qualified, get qualified!

Okay, so going back to school is not for everyone. However, you need getting a certification to qualify for a job may be easier than you think!

Find out what you need to learn and check out GetCertified to learn more how to get certified in everything you need!

Also, there’s a chance that you already have the experience necessary for your resume, but you don’t know it!

Stand out with the best possible resume!

There are jobs out there that would be lucky to have you; you just need to put your best foot forward, and that starts with a great-looking resume. If you need help crafting your resume or cover letter, we can help! Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume-writing professional!

Blockchain Engineer – The Most In-Demand Job

Have you heard of blockchain? – smart contracts? – crypto currency?

Like most people, you are probably confused by all of the buzz surrounding these new concepts. However, what began as a relatively obscure, yet hugely innovative, concept has consistently gained attention from major corporations. Far from its birth as a relatively esoteric internet development, blockchain has increasingly garnered significant attention from Fortune 500 corporations.

According to a recent article by TechCrunch, Blockchain Engineering is currently the most in-demand career. With an average of 14 job openings for every 1 Blockchain Engineer, the possibilities are endless. As the blockchain continues to gain traction and attention, you can be assured that this new skill set will only increase in its demand.

What does it take to become a Blockchain Engineer? As an emerging technology, this position requires a solid technical background in the software development and engineering skills necessary to understand the ins and outs of the blockchain.

As financial institutions and other corporations increasingly adopt blockchain technology, the demand for this skill set can only be expected to grow.

Interested in taking part of the next big revolutionary technology? Make sure you have a resume prepared for when your next opportunity presents itself. AAPSI Resume Service has been in business for more than 30 years, has an A+ BBB rating and provides full re-writing, layout, design and formatting of a new resume, cover letter and any additional documents you may need in your job search. Call 773-525-2450 to make an appointment for a free resume consultation today.



Top 6 Biggest Mistakes You Are Making In Your Job Search

The Top 6 Job Search Myths

If you’re looking for job search assistance online, there’s no doubt you’ve read numerous conflicting articles pointing you in all sorts of different directions. Many online sources claim to have the “secret” that will help you land your dream job immediately. However, many of these secrets will only lead you into dead ends. Additionally, you have probably heard a lot of advice from your friends and families regarding how to conduct a job search. But what may have worked for one person will not necessarily work for everyone. In this article we will dispel the most common job search myths.

top five job search myths

1.) The Hidden Job Market

Ever been told that 90% of open positions go unadvertised? If that were the case, then how would they be getting filled? While it is true that some positions are never advertised publicly, the vast majority are indeed posted online, in newspapers and through other mediums. The “hidden job market” often refers to internal hiring practices. Oftentimes, these are not necessarily open positions, but rather new positions created solely for specific individuals. Besides, if so many of these job postings were hidden and out of reach, what would be the point in looking for them? Companies that are looking to hire top talent will advertise open positions in my different places in order to cast a wide net.

2.) You Need Experience to Get a Job

Do you ever feel intimidated with job postings requiring 3 to 5 years minimum experience in a specific field? Many job seekers, particularly new graduates, find themselves in the catch-22 where they cannot get an entry-level position because they do not have the required experience, and they cannot get the required experience because they are not qualified for entry-level positions. Don’t let these job requirements intimidate you. When hiring managers and HR personnel are writing job postings, they often write them based upon the individual who vacated the position they are trying to fill. However, no one comes into any job with 100% of the necessary experience. Don’t let experience requirements prevent you from applying to a position. First and foremost, employers are looking for someone ready to learn. If you can display that ability, you should have no problem landing an entry-level position. Remind yourself, everyone has to start somewhere.

3.) If I Leave My Job, I’ll Look Like a Job Hopper

In prior decades, it used to common for you to work for the same company your entire life. Oftentimes, it was the same company that your father worked for his entire life, and perhaps his father as well. However, as the economy becomes more and more dynamic, this trend no longer holds true. Many people are reluctant to look for something new because they believe they will be labeled as a job hopper — someone who keeps jumping from job to job without ever settling down. While this will look bad to your future employer if you can’t even hold down a single job for more than a few months, don’t be afraid to look for new opportunities after you have put in a few years in at your current company. Studies show that individuals who switch companies often end up with greater compensation in the long run than those individuals who remain with the same company. Additionally, the longer you stay with your current company, the more difficult it can be to switch. Today’s employers want to see a candidate that is adaptable, can thrive in difficult situations, is up to new challenges, and always looking to learn something new. Bringing diverse experience in numerous roles across different industries will help demonstrate these qualities.

4.) I Should Only Apply to Jobs I Really Want

While there is nothing wrong with a targeted job search, don’t be afraid to cast a large net. Too often job seekers apply only to specific companies or positions. However, this will severely limit the impact of your search. You may find yourself eventually landing your dream job, only to realize that you hate the company culture or that your responsibilities don’t match up with what you saw on the initial posting. Many of my clients have found themselves with wonderful jobs in roles that they never would have ever imagined doing just a few years back. You never know what might surprise you. Plus, casting a wide net will lead to more interviews. Even if you don’t think you actually want the job, I recommend going to the interview anyway. Not only will it give you interview practice, but you will also gain a better sense of what employers are looking for in candidates.

5.) It’s Best to be the Last Person Interviewed

The logic for this argument is, if you interview last, then you will remain fresh on the hiring manager’s mind, and they will be more likely to consider you over the person they interviewed weeks later. However, how will you ever be able to tell when is the best time to interview? Companies often leave job postings up long after they have already made up their minds. Once they find the right candidate who has accepted their offer, they stop interviewing all together. Why would they bother wasting their time on people they are never going to consider? When you see a job posting that interests you, apply right away. The more time you spend waiting, the more opportunities you are giving to other candidates.

6.) You Can Write Your Own Resume

If you change your own oil, can make a pair of shoes or cut your own hair, you may stop reading here. Resume writers have experience preparing effective presentations for thousands of people. A job seeker may write a resume every 3 to 5 years and during that time the rules can be completely change. Think about your annual salary. Writing a your own resume is like walking into a casino and putting your annual salary on the roulette wheel. With a resume writer, your up front risk is only the cost of the resume. Choose a resume writer with a long history of success and you will literally gain access to a wealth of knowledge that would be impractical to obtain on your own.

A Better Resume Service has been in business 30 years and has an A+ BBB rating. Put your career in the hands of an expert. Schedule a free (no risk) consultation here or call 1-800-730-3244.


Ridesharing and the Gig Economy – Is it worth it?

Ridesharing and the Gig Economy – Is it worth it?

cost of uber driving

With more and more people seeking flexible work arrangements, ridesharing and related services have surged in popularity. Companies including Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Postmates, Dolly and others aggressively pursue recruitment efforts to get more drivers on board. With promises of lucrative sign-on bonuses and flexible working terms, many people have turned to these companies to provide a little extra side income.

Own your own car? – Have some spare time? – Want to make extra money? Sounds like an easy proposition for most, but those interested in working for ridesharing and app-based delivery services need to think be aware of these top warning signs.

According to a recent report, only 4% of Uber drivers stick around for more than a year. Considering it is a part-time job that promotes reasonable wages, it may be surprising to note that the majority of people leave over the low pay. Many drivers discover that the money you have to put in barely matches the compensation.

As essentially an independent operator, ridesharing drivers need to take into full account all of the expenses that the position requires. Gas? Vehicle maintenance? Insurance? Breath mints for passengers? All of these additional expenditures add up and significantly cut into a driver’s take-home pay. Most insurance companies also require enhanced commercial coverage for drivers offering ridesharing or delivery services, so if you get in an accident with only personal coverage while working, you may get slammed with a large repair bill. And if you suddenly don’t have a working vehicle, you have no way to make an income.

While ridesharing services often promote average wages of $20/hr or more, the reality is a little more bleak. For example, Uber drivers in Detroit average only $8.77/hr. Furthermore, despite the promises of flexible schedules and work-when-you-want-to hours, drivers should note that nothing is guaranteed. With driver commissions always changing and and demand constantly fluctuating, drivers find it difficult to earn a consistent living. Furthermore, the more drivers ridesharing companies recruit, the fewer rides there are to go around and the less money there is to be made.

There are additional drawbacks to working for ridesharing companies. For example, on-the-job training and employee support is minimal. Have an issue? Expect to be put on hold with their support team. While the barriers to entry are next to none, the ongoing support they provide to drivers is minimal. With such high turnover rates, ridesharing companies aggressively recruit new workers to fill in the gaps. This leads to a less-than-loyal workforce and an employment atmosphere where they factor in the consideration that you are likely to leave within a short period.

Another significant drawback to working for a ridesharing company is the lack of any defined benefits. Classified as an independent contractor, ridesharing companies are not obligated to provide any benefits such as healthcare insurance or retirement savings plans. Additionally, drivers should note that they will be responsible for their own taxes.

Is there any good news? There have been multiple attempts with limited success to re-classify ridesharing drivers as employees entitled to company benefits and compensation packages. For example, state commissions in both California and Florida have ruled in favor of individuals seeking unemployment benefits following termination from Uber.

Additionally, drivers have been voicing their criticisms of ridesharing companies. Drivers for Uber in Lagos, Nigeria declared a strike protesting promotional prices offered by Uber that cut into drivers’ take-home pay. Elsewhere, ridesharing companies have come under increasing scrutiny by employees, users, regulatory boards and competing businesses like taxi cab drivers.

Those thinking of pursing a position with a ridesharing company need to be careful in weighing all of the considerations beforehand. In instances, it may turn out to be more of a hassle than you imagined. If you are looking for a steady income, employer reliability and benefits, working for ridesharing companies should be your last option.

Are you looking to make a career change? Let us help you get your resume in shape. Call 1-800-730-3244 to speak with an experienced resume writer today. Free consultations available. Save $25 by scheduling an appointment to speak with a writer today using our online scheduler.


Top Five Plagues That Will Poison Your Job Search

Avoid these red flags when embarking on your job search!


Having trouble getting your resume noticed? New to the job market? Haven’t had to search for a job in decades? Avoid these top five red flags that will send your resume straight to the trash.

1.) Obsolete Software and Skills

Many people update their resume on a continual basis, adding new skills and job descriptions as they advance in their career. However, for people who have been in the workforce for 15 years or more, many of the skills and technologies they used in the past are no longer relevant to the positions they are applying for. And not only are they not relevant, they will seriously date you. There is no longer any reason to include in your resume that you are proficient in Lotus Notes or Windows 95. Keep your skills relevant and up to date, only include the ones that are going to be relevant to the positions you plan on applying for.

2.) Job Hopping

Have you had ten jobs in the past three years? Job hopping is a serious red flag. It indicates a lack of loyalty and seriousness regarding your career. From the employer’s perspective, they will ask what’s to stop you from leaving us to join a new company after six months or a year? Employers are looking for candidates that will stick around long enough to truly wrap their heads around the positions they are in and the company they work for. This process takes years, not months. A company with a revolving door of workers will be far less efficient than one that is able to successfully retain the bulk of the candidates they recruit. There are tactics to avoid this troublesome issue, including being selective as to which positions you list on your resume and how you date them.

3.) Old Dates

Do you still have listed that “Computer Operator” job from 1983 on your resume? Or that bachelor’s degree you received in 1976? Remember that a resume does not need to be a complete record of your entire background. The purpose of the resume is to advertise what traits, qualities and experience you possess that will translate effectively into a new role. You need to be selective in what you choose to include or not include. It is perfectly acceptable to leave off dates for listings such as educational accomplishments, since they will immediately provide the recruiter with an idea of your age. Unfortunately, age discrimination is a very real thing, and older job seekers need to do all they can to protect themselves from it.

4.) Employment Gaps

Many people experience difficult life events that require them to take an extended leave of absence from their career. On a resume, a two- or three-year gap looks very suspicious to a potential employer. It raises questions like, what was this person doing during that period of time that they don’t want to mention? – was this person virtually unemployable for that length of time? – why didn’t they have a job? You may have any number of valid reasons for why you took time off from working, but none of this will be clear to potential employers who only know you by your resume. There are numerous strategies to fill in these gaps on your resume, from including volunteer experience to turning what you were actually doing while technically unemployed into a position you can explain on your resume.

5.) Career Transitions

Did you go from being a software engineer to restaurant manager to administrative assistant? For the average person writing their own resume, these kinds of career transitions can be difficult to put together into a coherent narrative on paper. The most important thing to remember, is that a resume is not just a document explaining what you did in the past, but rather is a document explaining what you want to do in the future. The key is to bring out the transferable skills you have learned in previous positions that will effectively translate in your new position. For example, one person could have the same work experience, but three entirely different resumes targeted towards three different jobs.

Do you feel your work history has too many red flags? Speak with one of our professional resume writers today at 773-525-2450 and learn how we can help.

How to Read the February Jobs Report

Strong Employment Growth in February

What Industries are Doing Best?

february 2017 jobs report info

The February Jobs Report, released today by the BLS showed strong job growth. More than 235,000 new jobs were added to the American economy, exceeding expectations by more than 17%. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at a low 4.7%, but the strong increase in new jobs indicates many previously discouraged unemployed workers are re-entering the labor force. Strong gains were made in the construction industry, despite the fact that the new presidential administration has not yet released an official infrastructure development plan. Within the construction industry, the largest gains were made within the specialty trade contractor and heavy/civil engineering sectors. In total employment in the construction industry rose more than 58,000. In the past six months, the construction industry has created more than 177,000 new jobs, so the single month of February represents nearly one third of all new job growth in that area. Strong construction growth moving into the Spring and Summer months represents a positive sign for the economy.

Another surprise in this past month’s job report is the increase in manufacturing jobs. The manufacturing industry added more than 28,000 new jobs last month, with the strongest sectors being food manufacturing and machinery. The transportation equipment sector however, lost 6,000 jobs. Not all is lost with the transportation sector however, recreational vehicle construction has hit a production level not seen since the 1970s. This is a very strong indicator that consumer confidence levels are reaching highs not seen since before the 2008 economic recession.

Even seemingly forgotten industries such as mining added new jobs this past month, increasing payroll by 8,000, which is surprising considering the industry hit a recent low shortly back in October of 2016.

The biggest loser in jobs report was retail, which lost 26,000 jobs. Facing stiff competition from online retailers, most notably Amazon, this comes as little surprise. Most recently, JCPenney announced they were closing more than 140 stores. Additionally, Sears and Kmart are closing 150 stores total. Workers in retail be would well-advised to start planning their exit strategy into a new industry soon.

Consumer Confidence and the Economy

Here’s more good news for the economy: Consumer confidence levels have hit a 15-year high. Consumer confidence levels measure the health of the business environment and optimism about the economy. Individuals surveyed who reported it was difficult to find a job returned to pre-2008 recession levels for the first time. In general, consumers are expecting the labor market to improve and the business environment to become more favorable in the near future.

For the average American, one might expect this to result in increased spending in the hospitality and professional services sectors. However, brick-and-mortar retail is not expected to greatly benefit, since activity has steadily drifted towards online retailers for the past decade with little indication of reversing.

Is Trump Responsible for this Job Growth?

With mostly positive job reports since the election of Donald Trump, many are beginning to speculate whether or not he is responsible for the strong economic growth we have been reporting. As one commentator put it, the data is unclear as to how much influence a president has over improving the economy. Nonetheless, Donald Trump has been taking pride in the job growth and consumer confidence levels.

However, many economists are attributing this strong job growth to Obama. Social media feuds have been erupting about who is responsible for the strongest February job growth rate in three years. Even Slate Magazine is pushing back against the idea that Trump is responsible for the increase in job growth.

Despite the high job growth in the construction and manufacturing, Donald Trump has yet to release a comprehensive infrastructure program, which he promised during his campaign. It remains unclear when, where, and if this will be released.

Time for a Career Change

With a changing economy, individuals need to prepare themselves to be able to take on new responsibilities and duties. Brick-and-mortar retail, traditionally one of the largest employers, has been consistently losing jobs due to increase in popularity of online retailers. Luckily, individuals in these roles have developed many transferable skills, including customer service, conflict resolution and task management.

Looking for a career change? Contact us at 773-525-2450 to speak directly with an experienced resume writer.





Free Resume – Good Idea or No?

Free Resume Makers — a Good Idea?

The most commonly searched keywords regarding resumes inevitably include “free” or “template” in them. Nobody wants to pay for something they think they can do themselves. A quick search will yield dozens of different services and sites offering free assistance with writing your own resume. But before you decide to sign up for any of these services, you ought to do your research on them first. Just like with any industry, even resume writing services has its shady underbelly.

resume maker scam

One of the most common free resume template services involves an application where you provide your information such as name, education, work experience, etc., and the application plugs it automatically into a ready-made template. But before you are allowed to save your document or print it out, you are asked to pay a small, negligible fee, often around $2 or sometimes give your credit card information for a “free” trial that you can supposedly cancel at any time. Not so bad for something other people may pay several hundred dollars for, huh? Think again.

Hidden deep in the fine print, that no one seems to read anymore anyways, is the agreement you make to be charged for an automatically renewing subscription service. Before you know it, your credit card is being charged $40, $50, or even more every month. If you take a look at some of the consumer reviews for some of these “free” resume services, you will find that unfortunately many people do not pay very close attention to their credit card statements and may end up having these reoccurring charges for more than a year. What you thought was “free” or only a couple of bucks ends up turning out to be several hundred dollars or more, depending on when you notice the fraudulent charges.

Oftentimes, you will have little to no luck disputing the charges with your bank or credit card company. If the charges are reoccurring on your account, you will have been assumed to have agreed to them. This is another good reminder to always keep a close eye on your bank and credit card amounts. And good luck trying to dispute the charges with the actual company over the telephone or email. Why would they want to give you the time of day to cancel the charges when hidden fees and surcharges are their bread and butter? Always be suspicious of businesses without verifiable, physical addresses, and do your consumer research beforehand.

Many people who are looking to have a resume written are unemployed and looking to save money wherever they can, so they turn to “free” resume making websites that they believe will improve their chances of securing interviews. The sad reality is that there are many companies out there whose entire business model is based off scamming the poor and destitute with hidden fees and a sub-par product. If you are looking for help writing your resume, always do your research before you hand over any credit card information. Furthermore, ask friends and family what has best worked for them. Legitimate, professional resume writing services may not be for everyone, but they do help a great deal of job seekers. Sometimes the initial investment is well worth the reward. A well-written, effective resume could be the difference between you getting a new job in the next couple of weeks vs. you getting a job in the next couple of months, and all of that lost income will add up.

Actually Free Resume Templates

It is likely you have resume templates already installed on whichever word processing software you have. There are plenty of places where you can legitimately download them for free online and just enter in the necessary information yourself. For many people, this is as far as resume writing goes. Write a simple objective, name the school you went to, describe your work experience, and list any certifications. The problem is that, while templates may give you a basic format outline, it does not tell you what to actually write in it or how to write it. Just as all individuals are different, so should every resume be different.

Remember, free resume templates are designed to grab your attention, not the attention of the people who actually matter, such as hiring managers and recruiters. They may try to wow you with different fonts, graphics, and colors, but this is not what employers are looking for. You may think you will come off as interesting, creative, and eye catching if you used a unique resume template, but in the eyes of the hiring authority it will be clear as daylight that you used just another generic resume template.

When I have been in charge of hiring before, one of my most memorable examples was an individual who described themselves as a “creative type” and “proficient in Microsoft Office.” Their resume formatting and style was a little out of the ordinary for sure, but it was also obvious they used a rather common resume template. Why would I want to hire someone who says they are “creative” and “proficient in Microsoft Office,” if they can’t even format their own resume?

When looking at resumes, hiring authorities want documents that are simple, clean, and get straight to the point. With a competitive job market, a Human Resources official may sift through hundreds of resumes for a single position. They don’t spend too much time on each one, normally just a quick glance before they decide if it goes in the garbage or if the candidate needs a closer look.

A final warning about free resume templates is the question of how Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant they are. Many companies, especially large corporations, use ATS software to pre-screen applicants. This software scans the document for things like experience level, skills, certifications, educational background, industry keywords, and more. If you have a strangely formatted resume, it will be difficult for the software to read your resume. Even if you are the perfect candidate and have an otherwise well-written resume, it may get thrown in the garbage before a pair of human eyes ever actually looks at it.

Most people only write resumes a small handful of times in their lives. I know people who have only ever had to write their resumes once and are now well into their fifties with advanced careers. It is not something every one is capable of doing successfully. Like with any legitimate company offering services, a professional resume writing service will offer you a free consultation to sit down and explain what they can offer to you. Be cautious about any company that asks for your credit card information before providing anything.

Who are Chicago’s Largest Private Employers?

Top 6 Private Employers in Chicago

When working with individuals seeking to take their career in a different direction, I’m often asked for ideas on where to apply. The correct answer to this question depends on what kind of fit they are looking for and where they are looking to take their career. Nonetheless, Chicago is an economic powerhouse with many large employers. Here’s a short list of the top six private employers in the City of Chicago with links to their career sites. Note: municipal, state and federal employers have been left off this list.

Before you start your job search, make sure your resume can stand out against the rest. Chicago’s top employers are incredibly competitive when it comes to finding the best talent. Don’t let a poor resume keep you from getting a great job. Need help? Call 1-800-730-3244 to speak with a professional resume writer today or follow this link for a free in-person consultation and save $25 on any purchase of a new resume.

biggest private employers chicago

1.) Advocate Health System

As the largest health care system in the State of Illinois, Advocate Health System has hospitals and other facilities across the Chicago area. Continually recognized as a top workplace, Advocate employs individuals at all experience levels, from heart surgeons down to receptionists.

2.) Chicagoland Job Fairs

Don’t underestimate the power of meeting with employers face-to-face at job fairs. A personal introduction can go a long way. Chicago area job fairs offer positions in marketing, accounting, finance, sales, operations management, retail, food service, IT, engineering, project management, production and more. Find a to our list of area job fairs and mark your calendar Find our full list on our job fair calendar. Click here.

3.) JPMorgan Chase

While headquartered in New York City, JPMorgan Chase remains a large presence in the Chicago area. As a banking and financial services firm, they operate the retail banking division under the popular Chase brand. JPMorgan Chase is always looking for new candidates to join their organization, whether it is for retail banking, investment banking or asset management.

4.) University of Chicago

As the city’s premier institute of higher education, the University of Chicago is well known for attracting top talent, whether they be students, professors or academic administrators. Don’t forget that a whole lot more than just teaching goes into keeping a university operational. They need engineers, clerical workers, nurses, grant writers and more.

5.) United Continental Holdings

You may know this company for its famous airline, United. Additionally, United Continental Holdings operates many different subsidiaries. With their global headquarters in the Willis Tower, a job here could land you with a spectacular view.

6.) AT&T Illinois

Well known for providing internet, television and cellular/residential phone service, AT&T Illinois helps keep the City of Chicago running at full speed. As a service many residents depend on on a daily basis, AT&T Illinois employs many field technicians, sales people and customer service associates.

7.) Walgreens

Headquartered in the suburbs, Walgreens remains a constant presence around the City of Chicago. Their popular retail stores are a one-stop shop for many residents. Walgreens employs pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, sales associates and so much more.

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